WordPress Social Login Documentation

Welcome to WSL documentation. As a good start we recommend to read Networks Setup, then Widget Settings.


Installation How to install WSL.
Networks Setup Outlines the required steps to allow WSL to connect users through social networks.


Widget Settings Customize the way you want WSL Widget to look and behave.
Widget Themes A number of customizations you may find useful to better fit the WSL Widget to your website theme.
Bouncer Advanced WSL Configuration.
User Data Outlines how WSL can give you access to a rich and standardized users profiles and contacts across all the social networks.
BuddyPress Outlines how to integrate WSL with BuddyPress.

Developer API

Authentication Process Outlines how the WSL authentication process works. Plus a quick reference for the used hooks (actions and filters).
Widget Generation Outlines how the WSL authentication widget is generated. Plus a quick reference for the used hooks (actions and filters).
Pluggable PHP Functions A quick reference for the WSL functions that you may "over-write".
Access Social APIs Outlines how access social networks apis through simple php code.
Code Snippets A number of useful snippets collected over time.
Migrating to WSL 2.2+ Outlines how to migrate to WSL 2.2+.


Common issues A list of the common issues some users have experienced and how to solve them.
Advanced Troubleshooting Outlines how to use WSL internal tools to troubleshoot complex issues.

WordPress Social Login is a Charityware.

If you download or use the plug-in on a live website you are encouraged to donate to any charity organization of your choosing.
Below is a list of organizations and causes we support.