Get Involved

WordPress Social Login is a free and open source plugin made by the community, for the community, and we need your help to keep it that way.

Help the Community

The WordPress community is really an amazing and vibrant community where people help each other and learn together. A great way to help is to support other users on the WordPress support forums.


If you like WordPress Social Login and you want to get more and more people to run the plugin as an open source alternative on their websites, tell the community about your experience by writing a review, and spread the word on your blog or twitter.

Report Problems

Another great way to help is to find and submit bug reports or fix the existing ones.

When reporting new issues, please provide as much detail and context as possible, otherwise we will be left in the dark about the problem you having.


Are you fluent in English or any other language?

Help us translate WordPress Social Login and join in the ongoing effort at


You can help improve the WordPress Social Login user guide (this website) by making it more consistent and readable, and by adding missing information, correcting errors and typos.

WordPress Social Login documentation is maintained on a different branch at Github:


If you have fixed a bug or implemented a new feature that you would like to share with the WordPress community, send a pull request against the dev branch.

Before contributing code, please consider these general "Guide Lines":

  • Small patches will be always welcome. Large changes should be discussed ahead of time: Please ask first.
  • That said, don't hesitate to delete code that doesn't make sense or looks redundant.
  • Feel free to create new functions and files when needed.
  • Avoid over-commenting, unless you find it necessary.

Coding Style:

  • Readable code.
  • Clear indentations (tabs: 8-char indents).
  • Same name convention of WordPress: those long long and self-explanatory functions and variables.