Pluggable Functions Developer API

WSL 2.2+ now allow few of its functions to be replaced. If these functions are not defined, then the default ones will be used instead.


These functions are newly introduced into WSL and we are still experimenting. Things might change in upcoming releases.

Functions list

wsl_load_plugin_textdomain Loads the plugin's translated strings.
wsl_render_notice_page Display a simple notice to the user and kill WordPress execution. This function is mainly used by bouncer.
wsl_render_error_page Display an error message to the user and kill WordPress execution. This function is used when WSL fails to authenticate a user with a given social network.
wsl_render_redirect_to_provider_loading_screen Display a loading screen while the WSL is redirecting the user to a given provider for authentication.
wsl_render_return_from_provider_loading_screen Display a loading screen after a user come back from provider and while WSL is procession his profile, contacts, etc.
wsl_get_wp_user_custom_avatar Display users avatars from social networks when available
wsl_get_bp_user_custom_avatar Display users avatars from social networks on buddypress.
wsl_admin_notification Send a notification to blog administrator when a new user register using WSL.

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